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Matador Hoops
Vision for the Matador Hoops Program


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This is one man's (Don Le) opinion of what the Northridge hoops program could become

  1. 30-Win Season
  2. Sold out Matadome for most games
  3. Student section with all students standing the whole game and all wearing same color (red or black) t-shirts, making the Matadome a most hostile place to play
  4. Out of Conference wins over big-name L.A. schools - U$C, UCLA and Pepperdine on a consistent basis (see Georgia State's wins over Georgia the last two seasons)
  5. Landing a Top 100 recruit from the Valley (like a Gilbert Arenas) periodically
  6. Bobby Braswell as Coach of the Year in the BWC
  7. Landing some JUCO studs the caliber of those that Utah State get - like Penigar
  8. A new mid-sized arena that will be able to showcase the most up and coming mid-major in America, have concerts and other special events to generate revenue, and to help with recruiting
  9. Fund raising to increase exponentially
  10. National recognition that Gonzaga, Kent State, Southern Illinois have received of late