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Matador Hoops


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Traditions, Cheers and Other Ideas to make the MATADOME the most sweaty, hostile and miserable place for any visiting team.

It's gonna take a lot of work, but we can make the MATADOME the most hostile venue in the Big West

1. Look to Matadude to lead cheers and clapping

2. Section 7 Bull Pit - STAND AND STAY STANDING - Section 7 is a standing section - Matacrazies who stand have priority. If you don't want to stand, there is a simple and effective solutiuon - buy a ticket and SIT in a different section (I'm not being sarcastic). The admission for students is free and with that free entry, Bobby Braswell and the Matadors should expect you to bring YOUR game - stand and go nuts!!!

3. Newspapers out during visiting team introductions

4. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! on defense

5. LET'S GO NORTHRIDGE (clap,clap)(clap,clap,clap)on offense

6. The Entire Matadome stand and make noise at the start of each half

7. GO!!! (bleacher side) MATADORS!!! (chairbacked side)

8. Introduce your own cheers and jeers at the games

9. Everyone wear RED - it looks 100% better if EVERYONE is wearing RED in the stands - if you don't believe me, watch an Arizona home game at the McKale Center on TV (Arizona)

10. Matadude's Kazoo Band - this is in the works. Look for it and join in.